About Us

DairyChem’s History

DairyChem Laboratories Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing natural dairy flavors for over 80 years. Headquartered in the heartland of America, our origins date back to our founder Dr. Leon Chumlea who developed a natural flavor for butter manufacturers. Dr. Chumlea cultured milk with selected lactic cultures to produce the unique flavor components that he extracted from the milk and then purified using steam distillation.

Years in Business

Our People Make Us Who We Are

DairyChem’s team is a set of world class individuals that have come together to consistently provide unique and proven solutions for difficult problems.  With centuries of combined experience, our team works to develop and produce natural dairy flavors in our modern manufacturing plant utilizing fermentation and our steam distillation process in addition to innovative new technologies including natural enzyme modification of milk, butter, and cheese.

We Specialize in Natural

Natural Dairy Flavors Purified by Steam Distillation

Wholesome dairy ingredients are cultured and fermented to develop distinct dairy flavors. We then concentrate these flavors with our proprietary technology to capture nature’s finest dairy flavors.

Natural Dairy Flavors Produced by Natural Enzyme Processes

The flavors locked in fresh cream, cheese and butter are released and magnified through the use of specially selected, naturally occurring enzymes. The proprietary process precisely cleaves and releases the flavor components from the product matrix, to produce all natural flavor concentrations ranging from 25 to 100 times the flavor strength of the product from which it was derived.

Blended and Compounded Flavor Systems

The basic flavor keys produced using our flavor manufacturing technologies can be custom blended to deliver the unique profile needed for specific product applications.  We can produce blended flavors in liquid, paste or spray dried powder form.

Our Certifications

Let’s Talk. We’re Here to Help!

It doesn’t matter if your needs are to enhance product flavor, provide cost savings, fat reduction, or more flavor consistency – DairyChem can help!