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Waste Water Treatment Plant Clarifier Lining

Treatment plant employees battle the maintenance of keeping their clarifier troughs clean of algae “alligators.” Sometimes the budget needed to accomplish this task can be 10-20hrs per week of a person power washing, scrubbing & using chemicals to clean the trough areas. Over time the harsh chemicals can destroy the concrete as seen in our before pictures. Conco Spray Solutions performed a thorough cleaning, applied a mortar lining to restore the concrete areas, dried & heated the area and applied a Sprayroq Sprayshield Green polyurethane corrosion lining. This lining project restored the failing concrete and protected the troughs for the future. This process has also been completed with the Versaflex FSS45 pure polyurea corrosion lining shown in the last picture on newly installed concrete.

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Clarifier Lining

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